Integrate for Greater Impact


February 7, 2012

Have you ever seen an ad for a big store promotion, and then when you got there, saw no sign of it and wondered if you were in the right place? Or how about when you visit a store’s website and it has a completely different look and feel than the store itself and it left you questioning if it was the same place?

The problem in both cases is inconsistency – and this inconsistency causes confusion, which can be costly to retailers. Study after study has shown that marketing campaigns are most effective when the same messages are sent across all media utilized with a similar message.

Marketing efforts that are integrated – in terms of both content and visual cues – across all channels are more effective. This becomes challenging when various vendors are used. A single retailer may have one vendor for their website and another for their newspaper inserts and yet even other for in-store signage. To pull this off you need to carefully coordinating the timing, content and design, or you’re likely not getting the biggest bang for your buck. Doing business with a company that can handle it all under one roof or even coordinate with strategic partners can assure consistency and save you time.

Whatever media mix you decide on, make sure all the various mediums have a consistent message including the same look and feel. This approach will strengthen your brand and give your marketing programs a chance of being heard in a competitive marketplace.

Shirley Griffiths, vice president of sales, is one of Banner Marketing’s longest tenured employees with 12 years of experience with company. Griffiths oversees Banner Marketing’s sales, creative and operations departments. She can be reached at or 800-843-9271.

Banner Marketing helps businesses grow through integrated marketing: a combination of digital and traditional marketing strategies that reach a company’s key consumers and inspire them to buy. In business since 1983 and based in Spokane, Wash., Banner develops creative content to support its clients’ brands (from traditional circulars to cutting-edge websites), keeps that content up-to-date, tracks program results, and provides reporting to refine and adjust strategies for even greater success.