Integrating QR Codes Into Your Marketing



Smartphones are addictive. Most of us have met people who can’t seem to disconnect for even a moment – people who have an app for everything and who wouldn’t dream of making a purchase without consulting their device first.Make it as easy as possible for these consumers to shop the way they like to shop. Integrating QR (quick response) codes can help make your marketing efforts digital-friendly. Here are three easy ideas to get you started:

-Include a QR code on a direct mail piece, with instructions to scan the code to download a coupon for a special discount. It’s a low-cost way to drive traffic to your store.
-In the store, use QR codes to link to information about warranties, availability and delivery, financing options, and different colorways. The goal isn’t to reduce the role of the salesperson but merely to provide customers with more ways to get needed information – especially if the store is crowded and the sales assistants are busy.
-Include QR codes on your business cards. This allows a customer to scan the code and save the contact information to the smartphone’s address book. That way, if the customer has questions later – say, she’s at another store and is deciding between a competitor’s product and yours – the number will always be handy.