Pinterest In the Furniture Industry


Imagine a corkboard hung up in your house with things you like or would like to have: a torn-out magazine ad featuring a car you covet, a photo of a dream vacation you’d like to take someday, and ideas for how you can turn your basement into a man cave. Oprah calls this a Dream Board and advocates that declaring you want something increases the chance of it actually happening.

Pinterest is like your very own virtual pin board where you can pin anything that strikes your fancy and share it with your followers. From the latest fashions and recipes to unique home design ideas and DIY crafts, Pinterest has something for everyone. This social media site boasts more than 10,000,000 monthly unique visitors who stop in to feel inspired, get creative, and dream big dreams.

Home-related pins including furnishing and decorating are immensely popular. Furniture Today described Pinterest as “a Fantasy Football-type activity for females,” but beware—this site is incredibly addicting!

Top Pinterest iterests are crafts, gifts, interior design, and fashion

Daily Pinterest users have grown by more than 145 percent since January 2012.

Top corporate Pinterest accounts include Real Simple, HGTV, West Elm, and Better Homes and Gardens.

This social media site was practically built for furniture retailers! According to a PriceGrabber survey of consumers, here are the most popular items people would purchase because of Pinterest: • Food and Cooking • Fashion and Clothing • Home Decorating • Crafts. Pinterest can help you drive people to your website or buy button. When you pin something, it includes a link back to the website it came from inviting people to go see other selections just like it, initiating a store visit, and a possible online purchase. This site gives furniture sales associates and interior designers an additional platform to show off their latest projects and it allows furniture stores another place to show off their goods.