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Banner Marketing is focused on providing specialized, strategic marketing solutions to furniture manufacturers and retailers. We are experienced with your client, your industry, your opportunities and your challenges. Our nationally-recognized, complete in-house agency offers traditional and digital advertising solutions, social media, market research, promotional planning, media buying and more.

What we do - Print


Print advertising is our expertise. It’s our strength, it’s what we do, and we do it well.

We know print advertising isn’t the newest nor the flashiest, but we do know it still delivers.

We are a full service agency and believe in an integrated approach when it comes to advertising and branding. We believe that by intertwining traditional and new media strategies – and ensuring that each supports the other – retailers can increase not only website traffic, but also store traffic, social media engagement and, most importantly, sales.

Whether you need us to be your marketing department, complement the team you already have in place, or find the right co-op to suit your needs, through consultations, conversations, and constant evaluation, we’ll help you discover what works for you.

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Position. Persistence. Partnership. At Banner Marketing, we believe everything works better when it works together.

We work with you to create customized, integrated marketing campaigns using a combination of traditional media strategies and highly-targeted digital tactics. We provide one message through multiple channels – online promotion, social interaction, email and mobile reminders to help consumers make decisions before they even walk through your door.

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What we do - Digital
What we do - Creative


Stop. Look. Listen.

You want messaging that grabs attention. We’ll deliver great creative that holds it.


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We’re not too shy to say this – service is our most recognized asset.

We’re more than just a marketing company. We’re passionate about what we do, and what really gets us excited about coming to work is helping retailers. 

From our newest clients to those we’ve served for years and years, we share more than just a love of furniture and sales. Our clients call us for advice, to say hello and even to tell us jokes. We reach out to them to check in, to ask about business, to find out how we can help and sometimes just to say thank you. 

And it’s more than just being friendly. Sales are important to our success, but long-standing relationships with our clients are essential. Listening to and honestly getting to know our clients allows us to do a better job for them.

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What we do - Digital