52% of US consumers say they read direct mail they receive from retailers.
What are you sending your customers?

In the days of digital everything, direct mail is having a resurgence in popularity with consumers. What makes print great? Print is tactile and in many cases is viewed in the home where the customer can imagine the home furnishings around them. Holding, opening and taking as much time as you want with it gives print advertising the edge over other mediums. We all like to do business with people we know and trust. Print is familiar. That familiarity is proven powerful.

Circulars answer questions: I need a new sofa, dining room set or mattress. Where do I go this week, today, right now? Circulars provide LOTS of real estate providing the space to show dozen of goods. This makes the cost per advertised item low and allows you to tell more than one story. Circulars are the only medium when done on a regular basis that the customer will complain to the store if they haven’t received it. Interestingly, only 6% called social media and blogs “trustworthy,” whereas newspapers and web sites were deemed the most trustworthy at 21% each.

Direct Mail also makes it in the home but is even more targeted by demographic and income level. 50% of US consumers say direct mail gets more attention than email and 65% say they get to many emails to open them all. (2) Preference and Trust. Perfect example; email doesn’t replace direct mail but rather enhances it. Try Banner’s Direct Mail with an email match for the 1 -2 punch.